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Crafting a NEWT Creation

The work of building a NEWT custom product
is intense, complex, and very rewarding,
for our customers and us.

From consultation and design development,
to wood selection, templating, sourcing, material prep, milling, assembling, sealing, and finishing, we are hands-on all the way to delivery of beautiful pieces. 

It all starts with exploration!

This is why NEWT is a top choice of Connecticut
kitchen designers, contractors, and homeowners.
Here are some photos of the process that leads to beautiful results:

New, reclaimed or antique? From a local forest or barn?

From the tropics or America? From long ago or far away? From conifer or deciduous?

We have the best selection of wood in the East:  All wood is good! 


Classic, colorful, or crazy grain?
Blonde, Red, Brunette? Silver Gray?
Rough or Smooth? Glossy or Matte?
Knots…or not knots?
History or Mystery?
What will take your interest, grab your attention, or complement your china?

What’s famous about our wood is variability of species, colors, grains, patina, features and more.

We offer many woods including:
Ash, Azobe, Beech,
Birch, Catalpa, Cherry,
Chestnut, Cypress, Douglas Fir,
Ekki, Ipé, Maple,
Oak (red & White),
Pine (Longleaf & Sinker),
Redwood, Black Walnut, and more-
in new, sustainable and
reclaimed varieties. 

We have a North American network that gives us access to other fine woods as well. Just ask and we’ll let you know what we can provide.    




How wild or subtle can you get? The opportunities are as diverse as nature itself, from solid to ethereal.

We get great joy from discovering a ‘treesure’ and seeing a customer fall in love with it.  Come look. 



Depending on placement, purpose, and your tastes, a top can have a variety of form options.

Traditional to unique, we’ll make almost any shape you can imagine. Or you can go natural…



 …by choosing a whole or partial tree slab or plank that has a ‘live’ or uncut edge.
These beauties can showcase bark, burls, branch bases and more to reveal inner sylvan life. The mystery and magic of nature is on full display with these specimens.  

Here are some images from our millwork and process stages. Enjoy!   

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