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– About Us –
Life is good. We get to craft beautiful things, live near the Connecticut River, and meet interesting people.

Some of our New England roots go back almost 400 years, about as old as some woods that we use to create tops. Woods connects us to natural beauty, the earth and the past, and we look forward to sharing that with customers. Working with material that is simple (a plant), yet complex (a system and environment), is a constant source of wonder, pride and responsibility that we embrace.

WELCOME ALL WOOD ENTHUSIASTS! Enjoy a guided tour of our woods.

Come explore to discover what will give you the look and feel that can optimize your space with unique beauty – supporting your style and enhancing your life. Can a wood top do all that?  Yes, if you let it.
Join us in our love of how wood looks and what it inspires.


  • NEWT (formerly NEWC) has a long history of collaborating and delivering great creations.
  • We offer the widest range of wood species available (including domestic, foreign, tropical, reclaimed and rare woods).
  • Our proven range of sealing techniques preserve the beauty, protect the material, and make clean-up easy.
  • We haven’t been asked to refinish one of our tops yet – that’s 15 years! (But we do re-finish other tops)
  • And…we love what we do.

We especially love finding unique ‘woodscapes’ for our clients: discerning architects, designers, homeowners and business owners.

Our team takes great pride in being chosen to craft these integral parts of people’s lives, optimizing the grains, colors, and intricate character
to increase appreciation and use of remarkable woods.

Our Founder                                                            The NEWT Core Team
Sal Scurto is the son of an accountant from Meriden who loved woodworking so much that he built nearly every piece of furniture in their home, and sold pieces on commission and consignment. Sal inherited that interest, plus his collection of antique tools, but became a US History High School teacher. Seeking more opportunity, Sal became a salesman for Connecticut Plywood and one day saw a client building a kitchen countertop. He got hooked and joined the company in sales and installation, hoping for partnership, but had to go out on his own to pursue his creative, independent dreams. Sal started New England Wood Countertops in 1997 and learned more natural finishing techniques to differentiate his company. The rest is history: 20 years later, Sal is still consulting with NEWT and enjoying woodwork as much as ever. And he still can’t resist a nice stretch of wood grain.

From lower left: Cindy and Ken Strout, Jeff Jones, and Alex Grant. We’re long-time local folks that make tops happen, with decades of experience in woodworking and customer service. We love to experiment to learn new tricks (no old dogs here!) for making our state-of-the art tops the best they can be.

CINDY STROUT (circa 1630, Massachusetts)
Coming soon! 

KEN STROUT III (circa 1652, Maine)
Ken’s father, a dairyman, left Maine to start a family in tamer lands. Ken liked wood carving and building, worked on projects at home with his kids, and became a Rex Lumber foreman, soon realizing that creating with wood was his passion. With some insight into the commercial world, Ken saw a need for high quality, custom made wood trim: arches, mouldings, casing, baseboards, wainscoting and more. In the 70’s, he milled in his basement for local contractors, and soon built a large shed in his backyard to expand production for his growing clientele. Ken moved his operation to a nearby tobacco plant and created millwork for the finest houses and businesses in the region. He then expanded into a new building and started integrating his work with Sal, who occupied the same space. And thus is NEWT! 

JEFF JONES (a new father; circa 1820 Connecticut)
Jeff has new inspiration in his work with a baby daughter at home. His work has always been wood-centric.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON GRANT (circa 1640? Connecticut)
Alex’s family has worked the same local farm for six generations in livestock  and dairy production. Matthew has been making His ancestor, Matthew Grant  was the original Town Planner in Windsor, CT back in 1654. 

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