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NEWT for Wood Countertops

Welcome to a wild, natural world of wood countertops, table tops, bar tops, desk tops and more. We make Reclaimed, Sustainable and Butcher Block Countertops!

Wood Countertops are our Passion! 

For 15 years, we’ve designed, crafted and guaranteed beautiful tops for many of New England’s finest homes, businesses, institutions and kitchen designers. Take a look through our work (our customers’ dream tops), and give us a call. We’re rebuilding our site so more tops are coming.

Hickory Island Top with heating panel
Tiered Reclaimed Heart Pine Counter Top with Sink

Custom Milled Wood Furniture

It’s all about what works for you. What type of wood, grain, color, milling, finish and final look?  For your wood countertop, we have an unmatched wood range in stock: New, Antique, Rare & Reclaimed, Old Growth, Tropical, Sinker, Sustainable. Choose a finish and you’ll get a unique top that completes your space with beauty and strength.  Wood is good. 

Reclaimed Chestnut by The Kitchen Company
Stained Cherry Island by NEWT

Wooden Tops offer classic advantages

Our tops (and full tables) are centers of daily life that attract attention to the finer things, like creativity and good company, and good eats. 
The look, feel and sound of wood is familiar, natural and welcoming to the touch. It is also historical, and even more so if you choose from our unmatched reclaimed wood collection. 

Stained French Oak Table by NEWT
Black Walnut Island by NEWT

Countertops complement design  

The wonder of wood’s grain and color, from local forests, far jungles, and long ago is profound. It works well with most color palettes and warms up a room. From Super White Ash to deep reds and browns of Coney Island Boardwalk, the woods set the tone, or harmonize with it.

 We have more wood choices than any other company, including rare and centuries old woods you may have heard of, but have never seen!  



28 Black Walnut tops for The Beam House, a client’s new Glastonbury restaurant.
Plus a 20′ x 22′ reclaimed
chestnut bar surround!

and we just finished…>
5 Butternut counters for the
East Windsor Historical Society

Waterproof…like a Newt – Your Wood Top’s Protection

Tops get exposed to a lot, so we developed and refined our  multi-stage finishing technique
to protect for many years of lasting beauty. We can also refinish an existing top.
(We didn’t need to refinish any of our tops for 15 years – until one last April, due to snafu!)

Wood tabletops

We also craft full tables, top and bottom, in our range of woods. Need a conference table? How about a local or tropical wood? Nothing centers and calms like wood’s colors and grains. Try it and see.

Long ago people met
by a tree or a well
for news of the day. 

In a clink to the past,
we can connect again at both,
along reclaimed chestnut bars
from centuries-old timbers
renewed here with true
Strength and Beauty.
< at ‘Butchers & Bakers’
> at ‘New Park Brewery’

Choose from many species of new, sustainable, rare and reclaimed wood
(some very old, yet strong & beautiful!). 
We partner with the largest supply of reclaimed wood in the US and promote sustainable woods. 

NEWT looks forward to helping you make your dream top come true!
Please call for info or to arrange a visit so you can start exploring the enhancement of your space with an inspiring custom wood top.

Call Cindy or Ken at 860-623-8445 or email to info@newoodtops.com