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Custom wood countertops, islands, tables, bars and desk tops, 
crafted with expertise
 and passion since 2003.

For 15 years we’ve created beautiful works
 for many of New England’s finest homes,
businesses, institutions &  kitchen designers.
NEWT offers an unmatched range of woods and we guarantee our work.

Custom Wood Countertops

It’s all about what works for you. What type of wood, grain, color, milling, finish and final look?
We offer you an unmatched range of woods, from new to antique to rare, reclaimed and renewed. Come see! Old
 Growth, tropical, sinker, and sustainably sourced and all in stock.  
Choose the finish and you’ll get a unique top to complete your space.  

Our tops are centers of daily life that attract attention to the finer things, like creativity and good company.

Guaranteed Finishing

Our process results in a finish that we can guarantee, so consider that. After 15 years of experience, we’re proud to share our expertise and passion for wood countertops, and other tops- and bottoms, too!


 We’re working on:

28 Black Walnut tops for a client’s 
new Glastonbury restaurant.
Plus a 20′ x 22′ reclaimed
chestnut bar surround! 

and we just finished…>

5 Butternut counters for the
East Windsor Historical Society

Waterproof…like a Newt – Your Wood Top’s Protection

Tops get exposed to a lot, so we developed and refined our  multi-stage finishing technique
to protect for many years of lasting beauty. (We refinish other company’s tops.)
We just refinished one of ours [due to snafu] – the first in 15 years! 

Wood tabletops

We also craft full tables, top and bottom, in our range of woods. Need a conference table? How about a local or tropical wood? Nothing centers and calms like wood’s colors and grains. Try it.

Long ago people met
by a tree or a well
for news of the day. 

In a clink to the past,
we can connect again at both
along reclaimed chestnut bars
from centuries-old timbers
renewed here with both
Strength and Beauty.
< at ‘Butchers & Bakers’
at ‘New Park Brewery’>

Choose from many species, new, sustainable, rare and reclaimed wood
(some very old, yet strong and beautiful!). 
We partner with the largest supply of reclaimed wood in the US and promote sustainable woods. 

NEWT looks forward to helping you make your dream top come true! Please call us for info or to arrange a visit so you can start exploring how to enhance your space with an inspiring custom wood top.

Call Cindy or Ken at 860-623-8445 or email us at info@newoodtops.com